Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta v0.82 – APK App

Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta is beautiful Ubuntu Wallpaper For Your Android Smart phone or Tablets. you can enjoy & test it free of cost. If you can wait no more, we have small substitute for your android phone! You can enjoy a live wallpaper that is similar to Ubuntu Phone ‘Welcome Screen’ from Canonical. Pure fan project! From fans for fans!

Live Wallpaper Features:

  • Animated background
  • Integration with the system clock
  • Battery integration
  • Double tap on the wallpaper to see available features
  • For tablets and phones
  • More features are coming (clock/date format change and ‘circle’ repositioning are next on the list)
  • This wallpaper don’t work in the background! You can check this – clock change animation is fired up when you are returning on your home screen. The only reason for this is because wallpaper is ‘frozen’ when not on the screen.
  • You can move this wallpaper to sdcard to reduce size below 2MB, but remember – if you unmount sdcard then wallpaper will be replaced by default!

ubuntu_android_02  ubuntu_android_03

Last Update: Jan 13, 2013

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