TTPod v3.41 (English Version)

TTPod is a pleasant to the ears are not required to register, completely free cell phone music player software, set playback, equalizer, lyrics, sleep mode, alarm clock and many other functions, operation simple and powerful. TTPod, appealing to the user’s need for the development direction and strive to become the user in mind the best player, becoming the most popular cell phone music player software.


Change logs v3.41:

1. Fixed shortcuts dont work on interface bug
2. Fixed can’t use drive-by-wire bug
3. Optimize thread priority
4. Optimize Playback engine, reduce power consumption
5. Increase the visual effects


If wanna have English skin in skin lists and in pop-up when open playlist, just follow 3 steps:
1. Install TTPod v3.41 English by Chickenz.sis first.
2. Go to folder skin and delete all old skins (!TTPodSkinV4)
3. Install TTPod English Skin.sis
4. Now enjoy ur results

***Always remember ur phone must be installed Chinese Patch and removed older version!***

Devices supported:

S60 v3.0 3250 / 5500S / E50 / E60 / E61 / E61i / E62 / E62i / E65 / E70 / N71 / N73 / N75 / N77 / N80 / N91 / N92 / N93 / N93i
S60 v3.1 5700XM / 6110 Navigator / 6120 / 6121 / 6290 / N76 / N81 / N81 8GB / N82 / N95 / N95 8GB / E51 / E63 / E66 / E71 / E90
S60 v3.2 5320XM / 5630XM / 6210 / 6220 / 6650 / 6710 / 6720 / E55 / E75 / N78 / N79 / N85 / N86 8MP / N96


29 thoughts on “TTPod v3.41 (English Version)”

  1. Whenever i try to install this application it says “Certificate error.Contact application supplier”.I own a Nokia N73 music edition.I am regular visitor to this and have download lot of stuffs but now am not able install after downloading.

  2. i downloaded ttpot for this wedsite .i was intalling it in my phone n73 but it says certificate error.please help..pls tell me the answer

  3. Men this version of TTPOD is a complete mess for s60v3 series. I wonder what it is still doing in this zone. I know it will be good for other phones but please post the right stuffs here.

  4. if u have any problem with error certification,, just change your date on your mobile back to 01/01/2006 or shrike to the next years or mouth,, have a try..

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