TTpod Music Player 3.20 With Skin Pack

TTpod Music Player 3.20 With Skin Pack

3.2.0 new features:

1. Significant increase quality

2. Free online song lyrics search

3. Bluetooth send songs to your friends

4. Provide figures for menu shortcuts, open the menu only when necessary, according to figures on the bond can choose the menu items

5. Each skin can have their own skin the EQ

6. Increase tone options, you can choose whether or not to allow QQ tone

7. Increased sleep shutdown options do not have to trouble the sleep mode

8. Amended 6600 on the issue of installation

The traditional function:

1. List player software support, folder players. Everyday sounds such as support WMA MP3 OGG audio player

2. Be convenient for collection of playlists, delete, modify, and other management

3. Single cycle can all cycle, and random way to play your favorite songs broadcast

4. Software support Show song information.

5. Everyday sounds interface directly marking the shortcuts, user-friendly, and arranged a large number of special features shortcuts

6. Use process must first scan their own music library, the phone sounding songs added to the playlist every day in

7. Course every day sounds not the lyrics show

8. Software provides a sleep mode, in your sleep time will not forget the players and shut down the use of mobile phone battery depletion

9. Everyday sounds also provided such as a key-lock keyboards, alarm clocks, and other functions

11. Support replacement skin

12. Completely resolve the issue of player mp3 garbage characters

13. Randomly chosen songs and directories of local players

14. Support custom equalizer, but a number of preset equalizer style, such as fashion, dance, flat, overweight bass

15. Provide songs ID3 Laws, no longer has trouble garbage characters

Language: CH, EN

Nokia 3230/3650/6260/6600/6630/6620/6670/6680/6681/6682/


Extra Skins Pack:-



Download (Extra Skins Pack)


29 Responses to “TTpod Music Player 3.20 With Skin Pack”

  1. ahmed said

    Feb 07. 2009

    thanx you for this prog

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  2. torresinho

    Feb 07. 2009

    cool ;P

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  3. Greg

    Feb 08. 2009

    I need version s60 3rd… sorry, I don´t speak english. I´m Czech

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  4. blue ant

    Feb 10. 2009

    thank you!!! u are best!!

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  5. adn

    Feb 12. 2009

    i need code for 660 plz cuz its trial …thanks

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    Feb 12. 2009

    I want s60v3 i.e N73M

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  7. Robin

    Feb 12. 2009

    I want it for N73ME..

    Reply to this comment
  8. londi

    Feb 15. 2009

    font on this application so big…

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  9. casey

    Feb 19. 2009

    i need d code for s60v2 7610

    Reply to this comment
  10. Faisal malik

    Feb 25. 2009

    best hai mara leya

    Reply to this comment
  11. brix

    Mar 12. 2009

    it was great…thank you!!!

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  12. EMINEM

    Mar 20. 2009

    rally it’s good app
    it plays mp4 also ‘

    thanks for ttpod

    Reply to this comment
  13. rj

    Apr 13. 2009

    its very nice,more changeable skins,thaks a lot to the website and to the creators

    Reply to this comment
  14. 3atef dawara

    Apr 26. 2009


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  15. adam

    May 05. 2009

    thk, its very nice bro

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  16. KHALID

    Sep 01. 2009

    thanks & i need full version.

    Reply to this comment
  17. anh

    Dec 15. 2009

    cool app! thanks for sharing!

    Reply to this comment
  18. jowker

    May 01. 2010

    sana pwde ang version ttpod 3.70 sa unit na nokia 6630

    Reply to this comment
  19. vahid

    May 24. 2010

    hi thanks but this is not register . . .

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  20. mak

    Nov 24. 2010

    very nice.

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  21. dhanveer

    Dec 15. 2010


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  22. dhanveer

    Dec 15. 2010

    need some new

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  23. usman ahmad usmani

    Jan 09. 2011

    atleas i found a best application for my nokia n70 that is ttpod music player.thanks ttpod

    Reply to this comment
  24. Zac

    Jun 28. 2011

    Did nof find support by my cel

    Reply to this comment
  25. Дима

    Jul 07. 2011

    на 6300 пойдёт?

    Reply to this comment
  26. Paul

    Oct 24. 2011

    When i try to install, it shows me’untrust supplier contact supplier’ on my nokia 3250. Pleas how will i able to insall

    Reply to this comment
  27. Boka

    Nov 29. 2011

    M unable to install plizz help

    Reply to this comment
  28. tanbin

    May 04. 2012

    why i could not open it ?
    if try to do that then it says ”system erorr”

    Reply to this comment
  29. Jitin

    Jun 09. 2012

    sir,my humbl request is that plz uplode ttpod version for s60v5..plz sir,,

    Reply to this comment
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