Tornado 3D v1.1 – Android Live Wallpaper

Tornado is a beautiful Android live wallpaper. you can really enjoy it to install on your device. This 3D wallpaper can admire the tornado in 3D on your phone, from a safe distance. You can create your own tornado theme. Change the colors of tornadoes,
clouds, ground, dust, mud and stones in tornado

Now available :

  • Full 360 degrees camera rotation
  • Freeza time (reduce tornado speed)
  • Predefined themes
  • 11 x Tornado themes
  • 14 x Dust, rocks, mud type in tornado
  • 6 x Clouds type
  • 9 x Ground type
  • Camera shake on/off
  • Thunders on/off
  • Clouds on/off
  • Ground on/off

tornado_3d_02 tornado_3d_0

Last Update: Jan 18, 2013

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