Super Bokeh Live Wallpaper Pro

Super Bokeh Live Wallpaper Pro is a beautiful abstract live wallpaper for Android. you can also change colour combination by selecting your own custom colours. The wallpaper is completely customizable: you can edit particles speed, size, brightness, movement and amount!

App Features:

  • Amazing Bokeh Animation
  • Particles Speed
  • 3 Particles Levels
  • Size of the Particles
  • Show/Hide the Particles
  • Particles Pulse speed
  • Particles Pulse Max/Min brightness
  • Up to 10 Custom Gradient colors
  • Set Number of colors (2-10)
  • Multiple Gradient Color Presets
  • Gradient Shape (Horizontal, Vertical, Radial..)
  • Wallpaper Scroll
  • ICS ready!
  • Tablet ready!
  • Hardware Acceleration (almost 0% impact on battery life!)

Last Update: Feb 24, 2013

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