Power of Life v1.2 – Android Live Wallpaper

Power of Life is a beautiful Android live wallpaper. you can really enjoy it to install on your device. This wallpaper is a small portion of life. See what happens on planets from Planest Pack. There are many options, colors, behaviors of life … Works on phones and tablets.

Now available :

  • Predefined : 11 Custom-Colors themes
  • Predefined : 33 Multi-Colors themes
  • Custom Colors. You may set any your colors
  • Predefined : 12 Life-Zone behavior
  • and more color settings, behavior settings …

In the next updates will guarantee a lot more multi-colors and other addons!

HOW TO USE: ‘Time of day’ options, custom theme

If you check ON ‘Time of day’ checkbox, default saved themes will be loaded. Or you can set yours. Your saved themes will be automatically loaded on time.

How set your :

  1. Set your all settings…
  2. Save custom theme for selected hours, you see it on icons, blue is a key
  3. Set ON ‘Time of day’ checkbox
  4. Your saved themes will be automatically loaded on time

Last Update: Jan 18, 2013

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