It very interesting and useful midlet – graphic editor PaintCAD

Supported formats: BMP 2 bit (black-white), BMP 256 colors (8 bit), BMP 24 bit, GIF 8 bit, PNG 8 bit, WBMP 2 bit, BMX animation. Also in MIDP2 mobiles via “Open ???” you can open PNG and JPG and another mobile-known format (forXample SVG)!

You can draw wallpapers or draw small pictures and put it on records in your mobile address book, or send black-white pictures in sms to your friends! You can photo yourself or your friend – and cover his(her) face with brush, effect and another.

SmartGPX v0.8


The MOSH client, available for download below, serves as a shortcut to all the basic functions in MOSH, such as searching and browsing content, uploading content, and checking your stats.
Right now, the MOSH team is planning how to make the client application richer, and how to provide the

The Simpsons




Carbon Fiber


Blue Spirit


Download Link

Black Effect Theme


Windows Live Messenger V3.50


Meet your e-buddies “Online” anytime, anywhere! With the new MSN Messenger, you can send instant voice messages and emoticons, share stored photos, and get colorful, creative and spontaneous in your self-expression – share your life with friends as-you-live-it!

Note: -The maximum length for each voice message is 30 seconds.
-Photos sent must be in jpg, gif, bmp, or png format.
-MSN Messenger currently supports sending of photos and voice messages from handset to computer and from handset to handset.
-Computer to handset transfer is not supported.
-GPRS data service requires network support. Please contact your network operator for further details. Network charges incurred will be at user’s expense.

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