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MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control 2.1.0

Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control is a free of charge application that can be used to control your computer from distance. The main purpose of this software is to turn your mobile phone into a universal PC remote control.

The application is perfect for business as well as for your own enjoyment. Now you can easily remote control your PowerPoint presentations, Mouse Cursor or simply explore the content of your computer directly from your mobile phone.


Tones of handy features will be available after installing the software. You will be able to change the tracks and videos played on Media Player or Winamp, browse for artists, albums or adjust the volume. The application will also give you remote access to programs such as Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer or Firefox. In the same time you will be able to Run commands on your computer or send text messages to your desktop.

The program consists of two parts – the client and the server (both being written in Java). The former is located into a J2ME capable mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities while the latter is placed in the computer you wish to remotely control. So, all you need for this software to run is a mobile phone with Bluetooth support and a Bluetooth dongle installed on your computer.


In order to start using the Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control you first need to download and install both Mobile Application and PC Server. In case of Nokia mobile phones, the Nokia PC Suite will automatically recognize and prompt you to install the application on your handset.

Here are some key features of MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control:

· Remotely control Mouse, Keyboard, PowerPoint, Winamp, Windows Media Player and much more.
· Get access to your desktop from your phone.
· Bluetooth setup free! Simply connect from your phone.
· Customize your applications through Keymaps or VB and JScripts.
· Supports all PC Bluetooth solutions Toshiba, Windows, BlueSoleil and Widcomm/Brodacom.

Devices supported:

S60 v3.0 3250 / 5500S / E50 / E60 / E61 / E61i / E62 / E62i / E65 / E70 / N71 / N73 / N75 / N77 / N80 / N91 / N92 / N93 / N93i
S60 v3.1 5700XM / 6110 Navigator / 6120 / 6121 / 6290 / N76 / N81 / N81 8GB / N82 / N95 / N95 8GB / E51 / E63 / E66 / E71 / E90
S60 v3.2 5320XM / 5630XM / 6210 / 6220 / 6650 / 6710 / 6720 / E55 / E75 / N78 / N79 / N85 / N86 8MP / N96

zip - MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control 2.1.0 Download

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