Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) – APK App

Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) is a most handy Android APK App to scan your documents easily. its extremely useful tool that gives users the powers to transform any file into PDF format and share with your colleagues. Simply put there’s enough for you to worry about without having to go out of your way to scan and convert files into PDFs should the need arise, and now with MDScan its one worry you won’t ever have again.

App Features:

  • Transform any image into PDF format.
  • Automatic, high quality document edge detection and perspective correction.
  • Manual free Advanced image processing to enhance poor quality images and documents.
  • Quickly scan and manage multi-page documents on the go
  • Scan, upload or send any document quickly, including receipts, news and magazine articles, invoices, coupons, posters and much more
  • Cloud storage and social network integration for accessibility and sharing

Last Update: March 23, 2013

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