Metaballs Liquid HD v3.7.4 – Android Live Wallpaper

Metaballs Liquid HD is a unique meatballs Live Wallpaper for Android. its beautiful 3D live wallpaper with 15 completely different  themes and ton of customization options. Fantastic liquid physics simulation and unbelievable abstractions may turn you a little mad. Touch the balls and see what happen!

Themes Features:

  • Night City. Metaballs in the city at moonlit night!
  • Phoenix. Rising hero did it once again!
  • Plastic World. Brilliant plastic environment with red liquid shaded lights!
  • Melons at the Beach. Beautiful sunny beach with girls and melons!
  • Alien Planet. Native balls planet, orbital view.
  • Burning Space. Crazy metadance with fire in deep space.
  • Dark Shadows. Dark Side of the Power!
  • Butterfly Magic. Incredible fairy evening on the lake!
  • Wise cat. Big intelligent cat!
  • Nibbler and Leela. Famous Leela from Futurama and her best friend Nibler!
  • Metagalaxy. Balls galaxy!
  • Minimalistic. Simply Yin Yang!
  • Flowers. Lovely daisies growing!
  • Ghosts. Almost invisible ghosts on your screen! Don’t be scared!
  • Little Baby. Cute little baby in front of the sun and blue sky. Pick your own picture from gallery!

Last Update: Jan 30, 2013

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