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Last Battlefield: Survival is a fight royale video game. Each match takes 32 gamers and puts them on a deserted island. At the start of the video game, all gamers parachute onto the island totally empty-handed.

The method the video game unfolds is: gamers are spread around the island unarmed and needs to discover and utilize different weapons and products.

As time goes on, the island’s “safe zone” gets smaller sized and smaller sized, and specific locations will likewise experience surges, till only one gamer is left standing triumphant.

The safe zone modifications arbitrarily in each match, supplying gamers with a fresher, more extreme experience each time.

Keep in mind, discover a weapon and materials as rapidly as you can then relocate to the safe zone on the island.

This is not simply a video game, this is fight royale!!!

Last Battleground: Survival 1.0.9 Update


1.Added Frag Grenade
2.Added new weapon Vector and .45mm Bullets
3.Added complete instructional guide with pictures
4.Added shortcut function for taking medication
5.Increased match size to 48 players.
6.Optimized network performance.
7.Added new bullet type 0.300 magnum. Adjusted weapon and ammo matching.
8.Removed the 4x Scope that comes with the AWM
9.Added a function to select nationality when creating a character.
10.No friendly fire in team mode.

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