Jelly Bean Keyboard PRO v1.9.1 – APK App

Android Jelly Bean Keyboard is an alternative keyboard solution for your Android device. Alternative android keyboard that has Swiftkey like next word prediction. Now includes split keyboard for thumb typing!

This essentially the same Jelly Bean Keyboard you will find in Android 4.1 but I made a few minor adjustments to it to make it work a little better. It’s even better than the original Jelly Bean keyboard:

  • Learns from typing history, the more you type with this keyboard, the predictions will get faster and smarter!
  • Compatible with most android devices
  • Features that are incompatible with older phones were removed to make the keyboard faster
  • Bigger Keys!
  • Reduced app size by exporting non-English languages as separate downloads
  • More user friendly
  • Enjoy!

jeylly_bean-keyboard_02 jeylly_bean-keyboard_03 jeylly_bean-keyboard_04

Last Update: Jan 03, 2013

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