Garfield Coins – Download APK Game

Garfield Coins comes for Android with new twist on coin pusher game. you can help Garfield to use automatic pushing arm to win coins, costumes, toys and several  collectibles.


The world’s favorite lazy cat meets one of the great coin-operated classics! Garfield Coins is a fresh take on the popular arcade classic coin pusher games. Players help Garfield to push coins, tokens and various prizes into the collection area by strategically dropping coins into the mechanism. You only have a limited amount of coins to spend per day, and objects that fall off the sides of the tray are lost forever, so play smart using plenty of strategy and various special abilities!


  • Bright, friendly Garfield graphics
  • The classic arcade favorite in the palm of your hands!
  • 31 costumes for Garfield to collect
  • Level up to acquire and put together various Garfield jigsaw puzzles
  • Collect special plush dolls to activate interesting events
  • Play the game daily to collect stamp cards to trade for most costumes
  • Several fun and addictive mini-games to play
  • Includes a special Lunar New Year theme FREE!

Last Update: Feb 01, 2013

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