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Nexus KitKat 4.4 Parallax LWP – APK

In continuation with the awesome 3D Parallax effect live wallpaper, Lone hiPPo is proud to present a brand new LWP that combines the Parallax Depth effect found in iOS7, with Google’s latest KitKat 4.4 for Nexus 5 Wallpaper. This awesome combination brings floating objects to life as you tilt your device
KitKat 4.4 Parallax LWP for Android brings the best of both worlds to your Android phone or tablet with a host of configurable options. The result is an amazingly immersive experience that you can show off on your handsome device.

Last Update: Nov 01, 2013


3D Stonehenge Pro lw – APK

An amazing 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Now you can take a walk at one of the most mysterious places on Earth – megalithic structure of Stonehenge! Stunning ancient ruins are precisely recreated in full 3D and look absolutely real. Amazing lighting and colors will ensure great look to your phone screen.
Zodiac paintings are placed on some stones, so you can try to find your lucky one! Charge your phone with energy of ancient Stonehenge and try to resolve its secret!
In Pro version you can choose between two versions of the scene – beautiful evening sunset or mystic night. Cinematic tour camera will take you to minute length virtual tour, so you can see whole 3d scenery and actually learn real Stonehenge structure. Also customization settings available.
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Last Update: Oct 17, 2013


Mosaika – APK Live Wallpaers

The strange feeling you had all day followed you to bed that night. A sudden crash from the next room wakes you from dreams of magical lands, and sets your heart racing in your chest.
Sitting bolt upright in bed, the strange feeling returns as your eyes adjust to the darkness, focusing on the odd wooden symbols across the mantel of the fireplace. Almost as if something were calling you…
Turning on the lamp, you cautiously get up, moving towards the sound that woke you. This is your uncle’s house and though you’ve been here many times, it suddenly feels very different.
The room is littered with wonderfully strange and interesting artifacts, souvenirs from your uncle’s travels, from where he would not say. On the floor lays a small tiled box, broken open. Unfolding the paper nestled within it, you instantly recognize the symbols.
The fireplace!
Running back into the bedroom, you examine again the symbols on the paper. They match perfectly those in the woodwork of the mantel, but are arranged differently…

Last Update: Sept 27, 2013


Magic Greenhouse 3D Pro lwp – APK

The most beautiful floral 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Amazing greenhouse with magic animated flowers will fill your phone screen with colors and and beauty of fantasy nature. The flowers react to screen swipe and open when observer getting closer to them. So take a walk in relaxing magic greenhouse)
In Pro version available two different views, real time clock, accelometer feature, settings for customization.
Magic Greenhouse 3D Pro made with OPEN GL 2.0 and optimized to consume low resources and also not to drain your battery.

Last Update: Sept 19, 2013


Shape Swap LWP – APK

Shape Swap Live generates geometric shapes that animate using high quality and speedy graphics! You can customize just about anything, so it can range from ‘fancy’ to just simple shapes. This wallpaper is enhanced by animations, shapes fade in and out, and float around. They swap places and the whole wallpapers parallax scrolls with your home screen.


  • NEW! Theme editor
  • NEW! Toggle outlines
  • Choose between Circles, Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, Hexagons, and Octagons
  • Find your favorite size – lots of little shapes or a few big ones?
  • Pick between interesting color themes (more coming soon!)
  • Toggle certain displays, such as background shapes or the line grids
  • Pick and choose which animations you want and how often!
  • Toggle vignette effect.

Last Update: July 1, 2013

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iOS7 – iPhone HD 5 in 1 Theme – APK

The most faithful, highest quality & detailed multi launcher theme of the new iPhone iOS7 interface and in HD! (checkout the screenshots) with the original icons of iOS7 in full 144×144 high resolution and 1500 icons iconpack, original wallpapers in HD, and fully customised with the iOS7 look. Compatible with GO, APEX, ADW, NOVA, and HOLO at the same time.

Made with high definition graphics and themed to the last detail, this multi launcher theme is compatible with all five most popular launchers at the same time: GO Launcher EX, Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher and Holo Launcher.

Last Update: June 27, 2013

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ELEGANCE APEX NOVA GO THEME now available for your launcher. you can download it free.

★ 700+ apps icons themed(550+ HQ icons added)
★ Constant UPDATES
★ Docks(Go and Apex)
★ 5 HD WALLPAPERS( Apex and nova )

To apply the theme go to Your Launcher settings and:

Nova Launcher:
Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > Elegance

Apex Launcher:
Apex settings > Theme settings > Elegance > Apply

Go Launcher EX:
Themes > Installed > Elegance > Apply
ADW Launcher:
ADW Settings > Themes > Elegance > Apply

Holo Launcher:
Appearance Settings >Icon pack > Elegance

Atom Launcher:
Launcher settings > Theme > Elegance > Use Theme

elegance-02 elegance-03

Last Update: June 20, 2013

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Ultimate iOS7 Apex Nova Theme – APK Theme

Ultimate iOS7 Apex Nova Theme is a Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher Theme, you can install on that launchers. Ultimate iOS7 Theme is a brand new theme for Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, SS Launcher, and other supporting home screen / launcher apps.
Theme your Android device with the latest Ultimate iOS7 style, shock your iPhone or iPad friends / enemies with a fully custom theme inspired by the forthcoming Apple mobile Operating System! This is the ELITE (ad-free) version!


  • Ultimate iOS7 Icon Pack – Individually styled iOS inspired icon pack, featuring over 185+ meticulously designed Ultimate iOS 7 style icons.
  • Bonus Holo-Apple Style Icons – Exclusive icon pack also includes Apple Holo style icons designed for use with the dock bar!
  • Ultimate iOS7 Wallpaper Pack – Exclusive custom designed wallpaper pack with custom designs inspired by the latest flagship iOS 7 styles. Built-in wallpaper picker, simply press Menu > Wallpapers > Scroll to Ultimate iOS7 > Set wallpaper to switch.

ios3 ios2

Last Update: June 13, 2013

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Galaxy Sparkle LW Full – APK

Galaxy Sparkle LW Full APK App is live wallpaper for Android devices. Galaxy Sparkle is a Live Wallpaper where particles moving through  screen and overlay the background image to get a very elegant effect.  The options you can combine among several founds.
Move your finger across the screen to create more particles are fired. Galaxy Sparkle OpenGL and just consumes power.

Last Update: May 29, 2013

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Aircraft Pro Live Wallpapers – APK

Aircraft Pro Live Wallpapers – APK is a animated wallpaper for android smartphones. you can enjoy Beautiful landscapes of different cities against the background of six different themes of the sky. Different types of aircraft flying in the sky and land on the screen of your phone. Select the desired theme, which is more suitable for your phone. Change planes, cities, backgrounds.
Supports a wide range of devices (phones) + (tablets)

  • 2 main themes
  • 6 color themes
  • 4 types of cities (Paris, Shanghai, Sydney, Vancouver)
  • 3 main types of aircraft, lands
  • 3 types of aircraft soaring
  • Control the speed of movement of clouds
  • Accelerometer to control the aircraft
  • Superbly crafted design
  • Graphics HD quality
  • Turning on and off the layers of animation
  • Language support: English and Russian (when the next update will add the new languages)
  • Support for HD displays for phones and tablets

Last Update: May 30, 2013

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